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Collaborating for change: Repurpose It’s partnership with Whittlesea Council and Vic Roads

Creating a sustainable future is not a one-person job.

Like Sir David Attenborough’s debut on Instagram this week, uniting Instagram to face our planet’s problems together, collaboration at all levels is key to making an impactful difference with the circular economy.

At Repurpose It, as part of our commitment to creating a more sustainable future, we have secured approval from Whittlesea Council for our 100 per cent recycled Type A capping. This material will be used by VicRoads to build a smooth path to a sustainable future.

We approached Whittlesea Council and VicRoads with the material, presenting test results that showed the Type A capping’s compliance with their specifications. Being made from recycled materials, the product proved to be an effective alternative to Type A capping made from virgin clay.

What is Type A capping?

Type A capping is a layer of material placed immediately below a pavement subbase to minimise changes in moisture content.

With the launch of our new Blending Plant, we’ve been able to create valuable materials from a greater range of construction waste. This waste, which would traditionally be sent to landfill, is repurposed into quality engineering products, including Type A capping.

What does this mean for the community?

Through the Whittlesea Council and VicRoads accreditation, Repurpose It will serve Victoria’s infrastructure with a 100 per cent recycled material, diverting waste from landfills and reducing the use of virgin materials such as clay.