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Gender Pay Gap Statement 

Our Commitment

Repurpose It is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and flexible environment and one that celebrates equality.

Through our practices, we are committed to fostering a workplace that is free from bias where equal opportunities and outcomes with relation to remuneration, development and promotion opportunities, flexibility and other benefits are available for both men and women.

By embracing gender diversity and ensuring equal opportunities for all, we believe that Repurpose It can harness the diverse range of skills and talent of our employees and continue to drive innovation and be leaders in our industry, making positive change for our community and future generations.

 Organisational Context

Established in 2017, Repurpose It was first obligated to report under the Workplace Gender Equality Act in 2023. This was due to rapid and significant growth in headcount during the prior year as a result of an acquisition that saw the organisation surpass 100 employees for the first time.

In being a developing organisation, this was the first exercise Repurpose It had undertaken to understand our gender pay gap and standing in the industry.

As we are committed to achieving gender equality and reducing any gender pay gap, we value taking part in the reporting process. It has provided great insight into where we stand as an organisation and in assisting to identify strategies to improve our position in this space as we work towards achieving a zero gender pay gap.

By taking part in the WGEA reporting, we established that our gender pay gap is:

Repurpose It Industry Benchmark
Average (mean) total remuneration 4.4% 24.4%
Median total remuneration 13.4% 28..8%
Average (mean) base salary -3.6% 17.6%
Median base salary -3.9% 22.5%


Our gender composition by quartile is:

Gender Pay Gap Drivers

Repurpose It is part of an industry that is historically male centric which is reflected in our current workforce where 79% is made up of male employees. This is a key driver of our gender pay gap.

Despite this, we are proud to have achieved a gender balance on our Executive team which aligns to our commitment to being a leader in our industry and attracting and fostering female talent at all levels of the business.

Being an organisation that has grown in a short period of time and having our policies, procedures and workforce strategies continually developing alongside this, we have not historically had a formal remuneration framework or strategy in place that informs decision making in this area.

As we are now more established with the appropriate support functions, the organisation is in a position where targeted strategies and robust remuneration frameworks that promote equality of opportunity are in place that will support a reduction in our gender pay gap year on year.

Actions and Strategies

The insight gained into our gender pay gap and the drivers of this through the WGEA reporting, have allowed us to develop action plans and identify both short-term and long-term strategies to make strides in reducing our gender pay gap.

As of December 2023, Repurpose It has a new ownership structure that has seen a change in Board composition. With this change, a new People & Culture subcommittee of the Board has been created that has a focus on remuneration strategies as part of their Charter. This will include reviewing our gender pay gap data and drivers, implementing organisational change driven by our CEO, Executive team and the Human Resources department.

A key area of focus also identified is talent acquisition and attracting female talent to the organisation in order to achieve a better gender balance in our workforce, including at the Board level. Our aim is to be a leader in changing the narrative around the types of positions historically performed by males in our industry.

Additionally, we have taken steps to develop and implement policies and procedures specific to our commitment to gender equality. The review of existing policies and procedures are done so with a gender equality lens, ensuring all practices in our workplace are free from bias and support equal opportunity.

We believe that the added focus of the subcommittee of the Board and the initial strategies identified will drive positive change within our organisation. The work being undertaken reinforces the strong commitment we have to ensuring our workplace is one that is safe and celebrates inclusiveness, diversity, innovation and equality for all.