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Creating Value

From Waste

At Repurpose It, we hold the fundamental belief that landfills are a thing of the past, and that all waste can be converted to valuable resources.



How can Repurpose It help?

Transfer Site Operations

As operators of multiple transfer stations, including one of Australia’s largest, we have demonstrated capability in transfer site operations and are highly regarded in this area.

Waste Transport & Collection

With a dedicated fleet of walking floor semi trailers, we are able to provide waste transportations and collection services to suit a variety of industry needs. Whether it be old rail ballast, off-cuts from a worksite or any other form of solid waste, we can handle it, providing flexible and highly scalable solutions for projects of any size.

Waste Management Consulting

Repurpose It are able to provide a variety of consulting services; in the areas of green and organic waste processing, transfer site operations, transport and logistics services.

Waste to Resource Operations

We currently operate some of the world’s most innovative waste to resource technologies, including washing, separating and sorting plants to create high value resource from waste, allowing us to achieve everything from recycling/disposal of contaminated soil to creating high-value sand and aggregates for commercial construction projects.

Construction Materials & Soil Amendments

Through our cutting edge reclamation technologies, Repurpose It are able to produce high quality building materials from recycled brick, concrete and other construction waste, that can be utilised in a variety of construction material applications. We also produce a range of soil and soil amendment products for the agricultural and landscaping industries.

Bin Supply & Collection

We are able to provide a number of bin solutions to deal with your waste requirements. The types of waste we are able to provide you a bin solution for include: Hard Waste, Construction waste, demolition waste, green and organic waste and solid inert materials

Organics & Green Waste Processing

Repurpose It has the capacity to accept and process a variety of green and organic waste. With over 30 years’ experience, our recyclers have extensive knowledge in the processing, transfer and value adding of organic materials.

Residential Recycling Centre

We operate a dedicated residential recycling centre at our company-owned site at 460 Cooper St Epping where we provide our local community with the opportunity to participate in various recycling initiatives and reap the rewards with value for money building and landscaping materials.


Melbourne’s leading building recyclers and resource recovery experts

Problems with landfills are that they generate toxins that leech into our soil and ground water and become environmental hazards for many years.


  • Generate leachate, which is toxic and pollutes land and water waste
  • Produce high amounts of greenhouse gas, which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide


The Repurpose It Solution
No Landfills

Our investment in cutting edge technology and ability to create high value resources from waste, enables us to deliver value for money for our clients.

Our extensive experience and IP in traditionally difficult to manage waste streams, and vast logistics capability, means that we are able to provide personalised solutions to our clients.

There are six main types of waste that we work with:

  • Green & Organic Waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Civil Construction & Infrastructural Waste
  • Solid Inert Waste
  • Excavation & Demolition Waste
  • Drilling & Drainage Waste

Our Process

The process, otherwise known as industrial ecology, involves taking a product at the end of its lifecycle and identifying ways to transform it into a material that will be utilised at the beginning of a new lifecycle.

Waste Generation

At Repurpose It we continually strive to find solutions to convert this waste to resources to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Collection & Sorting

The waste we generate comes in a variety of forms with some being far more difficult to handle than others. With many conventional recycling methods, a high portion of these materials still end up in landfill.

There are four main processing methods that we utilise:



Through advanced washing technology we are able to treat typically untreatable waste materials ending up in landfill.


We operate a variety of shredders to convert bulky waste to resources by reducing it to a size where it can be converted to resources.


The key process in any waste to repurpose operation, separating waste by waste type is an essential process in the Repurposing journey.


The process required to convert organic waste to high grade soil and soil amendments.

We also work with Australia’s leading green waste and building materials recyclers who are experts in their field in order to achieve the highest recovery rates possible.

Repurpose Results

At Repurpose It, we don’t just follow the status quo when it comes to treating your waste. We invest in the world’s most advanced processing technologies to treat difficult waste streams & create high value resources.

We are building Australia’s most sophisticated waste washing plant to convert typically untreatable waste materials that are ending up in landfill to high value resources.

C02 Savings

Based on processing 100,000 tonnes of material through Repurpose It’s innovative, state of the art washing plant, Repurpose it generates 5,000 tonnes of CO2  the usual business (rest of industry) generates 22,000 tonnes.

17,000 tonnes

of C02 per annum saved

Start 2 C LCA Washing Plant March 17

Repurpose It Technology

more C02 saved

Did you know?

Waste volumes are projected to grow by 63% in Victoria


Our Partners

In recognition of our innovative approach and willingness to invest in industry-leading technology, Sustainability Victoria has issued us a grant of $500,000 for our project “Washing Plant” 460 Cooper Street.

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