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In safe hands: Repurpose It’s commitment to safety

Waste management and resource recovery activities are high-risk operations. Therefore, at Repurpose It, we’re committed to not only protecting the environment but also the people and surrounding communities.

Why is safety such a priority at Repurpose It?

At Repurpose It, the services we provide and our involvement with Australian first technologies are paramount, but never at the expense of the safety of our employees, contractors or site visitors.

Safety is a moral and ethical responsibility that we all hold. By adopting this mindset we can ultimately protect our business and ensure that we can operate uninterrupted – a requirement for any business operating in the waste management sector.

At the end of every day, each Repurpose It employee must return home to their families in the same condition that they arrived to work that day.

What are current safety measures do you have in place at the Repurpose It site?

Our safety management system was introduced from the inception of the business and is continually monitored and improved to ensure that we are able to provide our people with the highest level of safety in which they can operate in.

We carefully study the ongoing hazards presented by employees, processes, equipment, and materials, implementing creative and long-term solutions to overcome these risks.

From the moment you enter the Repurpose It site, you are greeted with a large colourful safety display delivering daily messages and site safety rules.

Repurpose It runs a company-wide messaging service that is used on a daily basis to communicate safety reminders, in addition to mental health initiatives and useful links to support employee wellbeing and safety.

Furthermore, we provide regular employee training, involving all staff in hazard identification and risk management, and work hard to ensure our safety measures are communicated effectively to our team.

Do you have any plans for implementing further safety measures in the future?

Repurpose It is a fast-growing business with a continuous cycle of new infrastructure, new processes, new materials, new equipment and new staff. As a result, we have to be proactive in reviewing and implementing safety measures.

A focus for the team is exploring innovative ways to deliver safety messages, with our internal safety team working to produce interactive safety videos. These videos, which are expected to launch in the coming months, will enable staff, contractors and visitors to virtually tour our site, understand specific hazards and the impact of not following process and procedure.

In what ways is Repurpose It’s approach to safety different from others in the industry?

We recognise that safety incidents within our industry occur when procedures and processes are not followed, often at the hands of misunderstandings and complacency. For this reason, Repurpose It focuses an enormous amount of time and resources on communicating safety measures to our staff.

When creating, coaching, and delivering safety messages, such as the safety videos, we consider a number of factors, most notably the different ways in which people retain learnings. We continually explore ways to ensure that these messages are delivered in ways that are retained in employees’ long-term memory, such as involving touch and interaction.

Building on this, Repurpose It breeds a safety culture that enables employees to freely raise concerns up and down the chain of command. In doing so, issues are managed in a timely manner and receive the full support of all stakeholders.

Keep an eye on Repurpose It’s social channels over the next couple of weeks for a first look at some of our safety measures.