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More than a drop in the ocean: A closed-circuit approach to water sustainability

Despite being the driest populated continent on the planet, Australians are the greatest per capita consumers of water, using an average of 100,000L of freshwater per person each year*, not including the food and products we consume. This is the equivalent of 175,000 pints of beer or 285,714 cups of coffee.

It’s National Water Week, an initiative run by the Australian Water Association to build awareness around the value of water and the importance of protecting our water environments and resources.

The theme for 2020 is Reimagining our Water Future, calling on individuals, businesses, and communities to reflect on how we use and reuse water to ensure there’s enough of it for our growing population. Is there a way we can rethink our current practices, from the bathroom to the manufacturing industry to conserve our valuable water resources?

The washing plant at Repurpose It has a closed-circuit approach to water. This means that the water used to wash waste materials is recycled and used back in the process, ensuring that we’re able to recover as much of the water we use as possible.

The overall plant design is engineered with recycling in mind. Built on a concrete slab, we’re able to recover all rain and drainage water that falls on the plant and use it in our washing process.

Our washing plant has the capability of processing up to 250 tonnes of waste per hour, diverting it from landfills. From this processed waste, we’re able to produce high-value resources such as sand and aggregates to be reused back in our communities.

Our conscious effort to minimise our own impact when recovering materials at our washing plant is part of our commitment to protecting all resources for future generations.

*Australian Government, YourHome, 2020