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Planting the seed for change: New Blending Plant to repurpose contaminated soil and construction materials

An estimated 160,000 sites across Australia are polluted with as many as 75,000 different soil contaminants, from chemicals to municipal waste. This soil, which has the potential to be processed and reused within the community, is being sent to landfill. That’s where Repurpose It’s new Blending Plant offers a more sustainable solution.

At Repurpose It, we are committed to continually growing and diversifying our offerings to find ways we can create value from waste. In line with this, we’ve recently opened our new Blending Plant, building on our existing services and allowing us to further drive the circular economy.

Receiving the contaminated soil

Using cutting edge technology, the new Blending Plant has allowed us to process a wider variety of contaminated soil and construction materials. In doing so, we’re diverting products from landfills and at the same time, supplying in-demand materials back to the industry.

Adding value to repurposed construction waste

Traditionally, construction and demolition waste has been difficult to treat due to the mix of contaminants. However, in addition to processing contaminated soil, the Blending Plant will enable Repurpose It to add value to recycled construction waste such as clay, glass, sands, aggregates, water, and cement. This will create materials that can be repurposed into quality engineering products.

These materials, which would have otherwise gone to landfill, are used back into the community in construction and infrastructure projects including Vic Roads accredited Type A capping, cement treated rock and concrete, and stabilised sand.

What’s next?

As part of our commitment to creating a more sustainable Victoria, we have now secured approval from Whittlesea Council and Vic Roads for our 100% recycled type A capping. Watch this space for more information on what this means for Victoria and local communities.