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Repurpose It

Repurpose It are industry leaders in making premium quality repurposed materials. We recover resources and turn them into a wide range of construction and landscaping products, including sand, soils, aggregates, barks, mulches and crushed concrete.

Our mission is to eliminate waste and pollution through closed loop resource recovery.

What Repurpose It does is different:

– We have connected waste disposal to materials supply – closing the loop for resource recovery.

– Our facilities divert over 500,000 tonnes from landfill per year. In turn, this replaces the equivalent amount of virgin resource.

– We have the Melbourne metro advantage, reducing the need for trucks to travel long distances to dispose of products.

– We help educate the community on the importance of a circular economy through our Living with Purpose series hosted by Jamie Durie.

– We invest in technology to reduce greenhouse gases and environmental degradation to protect the planet for future generations.

We offer our customers options to dispose of materials and purchase high quality products.