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We Recover Resources and Give Them New Life

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Living with Purpose. An online series hosted by Jamie Durie.

Curious about where your waste is actually going? ‘Living with Purpose’ is our new online series hosted by Jamie Durie that will show you the lifecycle of common household and commercial waste, from scraps to repurposed.



How can we help?

We recover resources from waste and give them new life via:

Construction & Demolition

Commercial and Domestic construction and demolition projects create unavoidable waste. This needs to be sorted and converted into reusable products for a sustainable future including timber, concrete, bricks and debris.

Excavation & Drilling

Excavation and drilling often precede construction projects and create their own forms of waste sometimes contaminated. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we repurpose this for many applications.

Road & Rail

Road and rail construction and maintenance often require the removal of waste spoil. We convert these waste back into quality resources to build new roads and rail tracks to save our virgin resources.

Infrastructure Projects

Civil projects like bridges and drainage works often require the removal of various forms of refuse including tunnel spoil, contaminated soil and vegetation. Using our high-tech plant, we convert these to give them a useful second life.

Local Councils

Recyclables such as glass, road sweepings and drainage waste that are generated from maintaining local government assets can be recovered and turned into new materials.

Food & Organic

Food & Organic waste from all sectors including households can be turned into mulch and compost in our advanced organics waste resource recovery facility. These inputs can also produce clean renewable energy.

Construction Materials

Our cutting-edge treatment plants are capable of producing high quality materials that meet our clients specifications, environmental regulations and the highest safety standards for our end users. We supply materials ranging from sand, aggregates, crushed rock, soils, barks and mulches to finished products such as cement and bitumen treated road making materials.

Landscaping Materials

Our landscaping materials are which include compost, soil conditioners, soil, sands, packing sands, decorative bark, mulches and stone are durable and high quality. They are suited to a wide range of applications and will elevate the appearance and feel of your next landscaping project. Our ability to provide boutique products to suit our clients needs in this space sets us apart.

Our Featured Stories

Who We Are

Ever wondered what best in class resource recovery looks like? Check out how we recover resources and give them new life.

Food Bank

What is even better than turning water into wine? Turning food waste into electricity and soil. We’re excited by our partnership with Foodbank Victoria, an organisation who shares our values in relation to creating a better planet and minimising food waste. There is some food that even Foodbank can’t use, and as part of a new strategic project, Repurpose It will take packaged perishable food from Foodbank and turn it into soil and renewable energy. We are totally committed to repurposing food waste and through our work with Foodbank we will be one step closer. We have also committed to providing one million meals for people in need.

Services to Premier Sustainability Awards 2020

We’re proud to have won two Premier's Sustainability Awards in 2020, within both the Innovative Products or Services and Small and Medium Enterprises categories! We're grateful to be recognised by Sustainability Victoria, the Victorian Government and the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews.

Metro Urban

The annual amount of street sweeper waste sent to landfill produces enough CO2 to offset the energy required to power 2,000 homes for a whole year. So we've partnered with Metro Urban to divert street sweeper waste from landfill and repurpose it into valuable materials like soils that are delivered back to the community.

Our Vision

To eliminate waste and pollution through closed loop resource recovery

At Repurpose It we recognise that closed loop waste systems are essential if we are to preserve our resources for the next generations. Our mission is to make premium quality repurposed materials accessible to everyone so that we can preserve our precious earths resources.

We strive to change people’s perception of materials they initially regard as unwanted. We work to deliver a positive environmental social and economic outcome to our local community and consider our impact in everything that we do to ensure we are delivering on our commitments with each investment we make.


Our Process

By partnering with the public and private sectors, our best practice technologies connect waste disposal to materials supply to ensure we deliver a truly closed loop solution to our clients. We invest in technology to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases and environmental degradation to protect the planet for future generations.

Waste In

Waste is a fact of life that needs to be dealt with; not put in a hole in the ground. That’s where our involvement begins.

Our Tech Works Its Magic

Waste is separated into categories before entering applicable treatment and refinement plants. This allows various processes to effectively convert the raw waste into useful products.

We use four primary treatment processes.



Waste is grouped into like materials so downstream processes are targeted and efficient.


Contaminants are removed and the products are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they meet specification.


Shredding and/or crushing reduces the size of bulky materials so they become useful for a new purpose.


Organics are grouped and decomposed before being converted into rich additives for healthy gardens.

We operate from various sites in Melbourne on a footprint in excess of 240 acres across our 3 locations. All of our sites are permitted and licensed and our footprint gives us the scale to support large infrastructure clients, local and state governments.

High Quality Products Out

We produce quality products from waste that support a number of industries. Our products conform to all the required regulatory requirements for performance, environmental best practice and sustainability. Our products support our clients meeting their sustainability objectives whilst delivering a positive outcome to our community.

We continue to build Australia’s most sophisticated resource recovery plant to convert typically untreatable waste materials that are ending up in landfill to high value resources

C02 Savings

We are able to divert over 70,000 tonnes of CO2 from our facility each year and this number is growing as we continue to invest in the worlds most advanced resource recovery technology.

More than 100,000 tonnes

C02 diverted already

Normal Recycling

more C02 saved

Repurpose It Technology

more C02 saved

Did you know?

Waste volumes in Victoria are projected to rise by 63%


Our Partners

We partner with local councils and businesses, the Victorian Government and large construction and infrastructure firms for both receiving waste and supplying materials. Our innovative approach has resulted in our business being recipients of numerous awards and government grants as we have proven to have a heavy focus on the greater public interest.

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