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Westpac BoT 2018

Repurpose It – A Westpac Top Business of Tomorrow

The Repurpose It team is delighted to be named one of 20 top businesses in the 2018 Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Award. The program aims to recognise emerging businesses that are developing solutions today to solve the problems of tomorrow, leveraging new technologies and ideas to help make our country and our world a better place to live and work.

More than 2000 applicants are assessed on the uniqueness of their business idea and how they’re helping to build solutions for the future, narrowing the field down to 200 Businesses of Tomorrow. From these 200, just 20 Top Businesses of Tomorrow are named by the judging panel, recognised as being leaders in both their industries and in the broader Australian economy.

A brighter future for Australian construction

Being named a Westpac Business of Tomorrow is a significant achievement for the team at Repurpose It, and we believe it reflects the importance of the work we do and the skill and creativity with which we do it. At Repurpose It, we believe that building the future of Australia takes an inventive approach. Our natural resources are scarce and growing scarcer in the face of unprecedented projected demand from the construction industry over the next decade. The need to look for solutions that allow us to meet that need without quarrying the earth has never been sharper.

Repurpose It recognises this and works tirelessly to help companies move beyond inefficient supply chains and waste management streams. We’ve discovered new ways for the Australian construction industry to reduce its reliance on extractive resources. Not only does our work help organisations minimise their impact on the Earth without transforming the way they do business, it creates value in the waste streams we are given access to. Our cutting-edge processes and state-of-the-art technology allows used materials such as rail ballast, soil and sand to be reused in their highest value applications, cutting our clients’ overheads and their impact on the planet.

What it means to be a Top Business of Tomorrow

Both Repurpose It and our clients will benefit greatly from the award. All Top Businesses of Tomorrow will attend a two-week study tour to a global centre of innovation – Silicon Valley – building connections with each other and with some of the most exciting organisations in the world. Additionally, we’ll receive dedicated one-on-one mentorship from one of the experienced members of the Businesses of Tomorrow mentor panel, and access to a tailored $50,000 professional services package customised to your organisation’s needs and objectives, helping to make our business that much more efficient and effective.

Repurpose It looks to use this award to further develop our capabilities in resource recovery, helping to make the future of Australian construction smarter and greener.

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