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Bark King frequently asked questions

What do I need to do if I have a supplier agreement with Bark King?

If you have a current arrangement with Bark King, we will work closely with you over the coming weeks to transition your arrangement to Repurpose It.

How do I order products from July 1st?

This process will remain unchanged. You can continue order all products through your Bark King contact or your usual Account Manager. If you are unsure who to order through, please email and we can assist.

How will I be invoiced from July 1st?

All invoices will be sent to you by Repurpose It. As we transition our systems from Bark King to Repurpose It, you may receive separate invoices for construction and landscaping products, however these invoices will always include our Repurpose It bank account for payment.

If you have a Bark King account, please ensure you change the bank account details to Repurpose It’s bank account from July 1st.

Where will the sites be?

Our sites won’t be changing, and you can still find us at three sites across Victoria.

Please ensure you get in touch with your account manager to order, or dispose of, any products so they can direct you accordingly.

Site locations:

  • 460 – 480  Cooper Street, Epping
  • 54 Fussell Road, Montrose
  • 88 – 102 Ogrady Road, Hallam

What products and disposal services are available? 

We have a large range of construction and landscaping products, and disposal services  available.

DISPOSAL Brochure  PRODUCT Brochure 

Where you pick up, or dispose of products, will not change. If you are looking to use new products or disposal services, please get in touch so we can direct you accordingly.

Can I still drop off my timber and log waste at your sites?

You will still have access to the same timber and log waste disposal – helping us turn recycled timbers into landscaping products.

Please call 03 9728 5200 to be directed to the correct location.

Timber products need to be unpainted and untreated. Please note, we cannot accept:

  • MDF
  • Melamine and high gloss painted timber
  • Chipboard
  • Laminated timber
  • Plastic of trappings
  • Rubbish, cement bags, paper, glass, rubber plastic etc.
  • Big bolts or hinges

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Call 03 9728 5200, reach out to your Account Manager or email